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Platinum Programs

At Sabal Palms Health Care Center, we are dedicated to putting you at the heart of everything we do. Our innovative Platinum Programs were purposefully created to enrich the lives of our residents. To ensure that each resident receives the maximum benefit possible, each program is personalized to their individual needs and desires.

Food for Life™ provides our residents with a dining experience that focuses and maximizes nutritional value while minimizing processed foods. Each meal is thoughtfully plated to stimulate appetites. Residents have the option to choose from a menu with a variety of balanced food options.

FIT Functional Fitness® is designed to help improve residents’ core strength, balance and cardiovascular health, as well as promote relaxation. The targeted exercises are created to deliver the maximum benefit for each participant. The goal is to increase overall health and wellbeing, reduce potential for falls, and encourage residents to remain active.

When someone you know is experiencing memory loss, we’re here with Pearls of Life®, our personalized memory care program. Pearls of Life® recognizes the value of each individual and helps residents live dignified, well-rounded lives. Residents discover the treasures, or pearls, within. This is made possible with opportunities for personal pursuits and social activities. Our caregivers working in memory care receive dementia and Alzheimer’s training and ongoing in-service continuing education.

Bringing together people of all ages is an important focus of Sabal Palms Health Care Center and our management company, The Goodman Group. Children learn from the experiences and encouragement of seniors, while children’s wonder and boundless enthusiasm helps keep seniors young at heart.

Ages Entwined® – This program usually involves senior residents and young child interactions. It fosters new relationships between the ages and creates meaningful experiences.

Grand Connections® – A program to bring seniors from the community together with other generations, to participate together in meaningful – happy, present, mindful – interactions. Specifically, these connections are designed to make a difference in the senior’s quality of life.

Valiant Veterans® is open to anyone who has served in the U.S. military, as well as their spouses, family members and friends. The response to the program has been tremendous. Our program gives veterans a chance to talk with one another, share stories and commemorate unique times in American history. It is such an honor for us to host the program – it gives us a chance to honor their service to our country. Our residents and guests are so proud of their service, and they share the most amazing stories of courage, valor and commitment.

Soulful Environments™ is a Goodman Group design philosophy, rooted in a keen understanding of the intrinsic bond between people and nature. Soulful designs are multisensory therapeutic environments, created to provide an enhanced experience of the healing power of nature within our communities. The multisensory immersion environments are relaxing, calming, and enriching. Soulful Environments integrates architectural and interior design, technology, holistic therapies and evidence based health and wellness research. The philosophy is based on a unique recognition that physical residences and gardens have potential to heal, bringing healing power of nature to unexpected places.

Treasures of the Heart is a music program designed specifically for individuals who reside in Memory Care as well as in all health care communities within The Goodman Group. The purpose of Treasures of the Heart is to enrich the quality of life for residents, family and staff through multi-sensory involvement in appreciating music and its powerfully positive impact on social, emotional, spiritual and physical health.

As we assist each valued individual in “Discovering the Treasures Within”, we strive to provide opportunities for reminiscing as well as create new experiences through offering a variety of music activities. Treasures of the Heart provides a focus on encouraging participation, igniting social interaction and nurturing relationships resulting in experiencing personal success.

Whatever form spirituality takes, Soaring® is a unique approach to spiritual care. This program supports our residents’ spirits, helping them find peace, purpose, and happiness. Everyone wants to live each day as fully as possible. The definition of spirituality can be expansive. We recognize the various ways individuals express faith and spirituality, and encourage residents to explore past and new experiences.

Our Spiritual Care Directors meet the residents where they are on their spiritual journey to explore opportunities for living out purpose- filled lives in ways such as:

  • Provide interventional 1:1 spiritual care
  • Individualized end of life spiritual support
  • Inspire real spiritual growth with assessments resulting in a revived life plan
  • Support religious and spiritual programs
  • Through compassionate listening they build trusted relationships with residents