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Below are some testimonials from residents, patients and family members that have received rehabilitation services or made Sabal Palms Health & Rehabilitation their home. We invite you to visit our community and take a tour!

My sister Susan is a resident of Sabal Palms. Susan has lived there over seven years and has been treated like a rare piece of ancient fine art by your life enrichment team. Lauren has gone out of her way to make Susan feel important, special and loved. Courtney has helped her with art. Susan has a conventional telephone and Courtney helps Susan call our 93-year-old mother when she gets confused and forgets how to use the phone. When Covid-19 hit, they set up Zoom calls so we could visit with Susan. Our mother just got out of the hospital and rehab. Lauren, Courtney and Michael saw to it that Susan called our mother while she was there.

Your life enrichment team is A+ and goes way above and beyond the call of duty. They are “TOP GUN: MAVERICK!” We would like to give a huge thank you to Michelle, the receptionist at the entrance of Sabal Palms. She is so kind and caring and she also goes way above and beyond the call of duty.

Barbara G.

Family Member of Patient

I was most recently under your care in October, 2013, and again in December, 2013, for a total of 30 days. I have been in rehab there a total of four times. Each time I was there, your facility provided exceptional care and rehabilitation. Everyone that worked with me were very professional and caring; from the nurses, aides, doctors, admin staff and especially the therapy department staff. I also enjoyed the meals very much and the food service staff were very accommodating. Everyone I dealt with had terrific attitudes and made me feel comfortable with the care I received.

I have regained my strength and I feel great. I am walking again with my new prosthetic leg and I made great progress while there. On behalf of my wife and me, please pass on our gratitude to everyone and we wish you all the best. Keep up the wonderful work that you do.

With many thanks,

Mario & Pam

Former Patient

As Power of Attorney and Health Care Surrogate for June, I am sending you this letter to let you know how I feel about Sabal Palms Health & Rehabilitation's care of June who was a resident in Room 715 from last spring until her death on January 15, 2012.

Your staff on the 700 hall was excellent! They were very caring, kind, respectful and considerate of not only June, but to all residents. I never heard any one of them  say an unkind word to, or speak harshly to any resident. This goes not only for the nursing staff and aides, but also the housekeepers and maintenance staff.

Many times I called to check on June. Melissa, Roxanne and Janet were very, very informative and made me feel at ease with her care. When visiting June, I would often ask her if she was happy there. Her response was always “Yes. Everyone is very nice.” She never complained about anything, or anyone!

I have dealt with many long term care facilities in the past and Sabal is by far top-rated in my book. Many times, attorneys and other professionals call me to ask about nursing homes. You can be sure that Sabal is one I mention all the time as being on top of my list.



Friend of Former Patient

On the weekend of August 28 – 29th, I was assigned care for your patient, Gregory as a continuous care nurse by Suncoast Hospice.

I was so impressed by the care of the children by the nursing staff that I observed. I only spoke to two of the caregivers, Erica, the RN in charge and Tamika, the aide who was assigned to Gregory. Greg’s mom, Maria, was also in constant attendance.

The staff not only gave excellent physical care to these children, but seemed to fulfill a loving parental role whenever possible.

While I was trying to give Greg’s mom some private time with her son, I was able to observe the staff’s interaction with the children. I saw hugs, haircuts and love given to these children.

I was amazed at Greg’s body; although he had been there for many years, there was not a single red mark or skin breakdown on his body. There was so much more than physical care. They demonstrated genuine affection and personal attention to each of those kids.

Please express my profound respect and admiration to your staff. They were wonderful!



Care Nurse

My Mom, Jean, and Dad, Stan, have been living at Sabal Palms Health & Rehabilitation for the past 3 years. My Dad passed away on March 28th. My Mom continues to live there.

Our entire family feels that the care my Mom and Dad have received over the past 3+ years at Sabal Palms Health & Rehabilitation has been outstanding. I visited my Mom and Dad every day and will continue to visit my Mom every day. Every time I or other members of our family come to Sabal Palms Health & Rehabilitation, we find your staff to very competent, kind and considerate. It is very comforting to us as family members to see staff members who are so gentle and skillful while tending to the needs of all the patients who are living at Sabal Palms Health & Rehabilitation.

The rooms are always clean and the common areas always well-maintained, neat and very nicely and pleasantly appointed. It is a pleasure to walk through and bring guests to Sabal Palms Health & Rehabilitation.

The nurses on the 800 Hall are the best. They have impressive medical skills and have an excellent ability to assist and calm both patients and patients’ family members. The nursing assistants are also very good. They tend to every patient’s needs with skill, kindness and compassion. The level of social services available to patients is also very good.

My family and I are especially grateful for the excellent care and consideration my Dad received during the last days of his life. Every staff member responded to his needs in a very sensitive, courteous and dignified manner. Staff members are now being very supportive and understanding as they help my Mom adjust to my Dad’s absence.

We thank the entire staff of the 800 Hall for their outstanding services. The level and quality of care they provide is outstanding.


Family Member of Patient